The Lions Gate 8-8 2019 For Twin Flames and Twin Rays. Special Energy Report.


Now is the time to show the divine within you that your precise methods of discernment are activated and your journey has come to place when you are already healing and disciplined in all the areas of your journey, that simply means you have initiated all the callings of your soul and acted upon the definite parts of your healing towards the ascension path.

Did you know that the only way you can keep your partner with you is by healing diligently at the same time, when you reach this phase you will see that you will come together under God for the ascension process and final activations needed to carry out your divine soul blueprint. Have you seen all the divine missions everyone has been starting around you? Have you seen many others start to carry out messages and videos, movies and articals about energy and precise reports of what is commencing at the time? You are always viewing everything every day and are you actually doing the same as yet? Why do you think these selected few are working so diligently everyday towards assisting in spreading the truth and guidance to those who cannot see into the dimensional realms as yet? Did you ever think that you too will soon reach this part in your life where you are actually activated and setting up in the grid with your own divine outlet of delivering the art of your truth to the world just as the others do? We are here to show you the divine way all of this comes about.

You see August 8 is the Lions Gate, but what does it mean exactly?

It means that on this date those who are ready at the time of embarking on their ascension journey will start to go through the process of activating everything that needs to be aligned for you to take the courage within, align with your divine inner being and start to anchor in the grid as the true light that you are. Are you aware of everything that is designed for you to access? Are you consulting your higher self every day? Are you actually taking the time to ask your higher divine what it is that is not allowing you to be ready for this wave that begins on August 8, Lions Gate? We would like to tell you that everything you do to prepare for this date, will make you ready and willing to make the moves necessary within your understanding and truth, to actually show the all of the all that you are ready within your heart to take on the role of service to the planet. Are you ready to be of service to the planet? It is tedious responsible work to put you through the discipline of love, freedom and spiriutality. Do you see all the methods used by all the ascended masters and archangels as they work to love and protect the earth? Well, these are the same methods and tools you too will receive to start to serve and protect the planet. This is the service you will dedicate on your twin flame journey. Are you ready to finally see that everything that is possible with this journey is possible within your heart, all you have to do is start responding. Consulting your higherself is one thing, but are you responding to every call of your soul?

Are you responding to the all of the all divine source energy? When you pray are you following the guidance or are you still in the stage of procrastination, self doubt and self pity? These are common things that stop you from riding the wave of the ascension which begins on August 8 Lions Gate. Take some time now to see where you are in your journey, are you responding? Are you simply meditating without responding, then this can be a huge block for you at this time. For those that are responding to every amendment made within you, you will see positive results at this time. For those of you who are readily coming into divine union, this is your wave. Yes this is the time all personal karma will end and the divine twins will align for their 7D union and divine soul missions, they will receive their divine tools to make their mission work as amazing as possible. They will find that they are getting ready to remove all past ancestral karma, bodily and physical illness resolved, medical and health issues supressed and altered into a healed state, an adjustment of the chakras and light body activation, a natural detoxing and purging effect to allow the blocked chakras to finally activate the hidden divine power it has been holding for so long. You will find that new gifts and passsions will be heightened by the grace of God and the universe for allowing you to gracefully merge into this new divine energy that now gives you more purpose and less regrets about everything else that has been happening in your life. You start to see your freedom at last, because you know the journey is now falling through into place and you are seeing the results of all your diligent healing. You adhered to your soul call and you responded with love and divine excellence and these are the ones who will naturally fall into this wave at this time. This wave is special for it has the ones in the collective who are more into revealing their true hidden divine soul blueprint. You see your divine soul blueprint is the one that you needed to find, it is your birthright. You will find this blueprint, you will activate it and you will master it. There are only 7 blueprint activators. You must find your divine soul blueprint, do not be delusioned by astrology blueprints. These blueprints have no birthdate because your soul doesnt have one birthdate. We receive your divine soul blueprint from your soul, this is the precise information you need to master at this time. This Divine Soul Blueprint will allow you to see your direction of your energy and you will start to manifest the beginning of an amazing life here on earth and forget about the waiting game you have been playing for so long now, "waiting for something to happen or waiting for someone to appear to give you your mission" We regret to inform you it is not how this works, you see your Divine Soul Blueprint has to be activated in order for your divine union to merge beautifully, it is sort of a package all in one. It simultaneously happens as you activate every calling of your soul. Now I know your thinking, "How can someone give me my divine soul blueprint?" The answer is simple. You see, a divine soul blueprint activator not only gives you your divine soul blueprint but they actually start to remove everything that is blocking you from your path to divine soul mastery, meaning an instant upgrade to your chakra system and a total light body activation. It is actually the most wonderful dynamic method used by these activators to get you ready for the wave that is about to begin. You see if you get your hands on the divine soul blueprint before August 8, you will have made a decision within your heart that you are moving forward on the plan of the entire collective and more importantly God's plan for 5D Mother Earth Gaia. For those of you who do have your divine soul blueprint then we suggest you get onto serious praying and asking the specific questions you need to know what you are blocking on this phase in the journey. Is this phase for you? Are you pushing through, and by this we mean are you responding to the call? The soul call is the service to humanity. Are you ready to become all you can be and surrender to the call and adjust and center your life on the calling that is made upon you. You must adhere to take full benefits at this time.

There is no time to waste and no time to delay this process. Some of you are of selfish atitudes about what you have done and what you won't do, but are you actually thinking about what the planet earth needs right now or are you just thinking about personal convenience? How dedicated are you in helping out, knowing you are a twin flame and that your divine soul blueprint is needed to become a master in your technique? Some of you have been mastering the wrong craft, causing a huge delay in your path to ascension, because even though you may feel you have taken so many classes to become a healer in a specific area that may not quite be the exact area you need to master, the technique that you are the best at, that nobody else can duplicate, this is your divine soul blueprint. Only you can master it for you, nobody else can master it for you. How will you proceed at this time? We suggest you take the time to bow your head and go deep and ask yourself if you are really ready because being ready is being disciplined. Being ready is showing the universe from within your heart that you are respondng to the call. Are you as hype for the soul call and ascension than you are for a concert or sport game? Some of you play like you are riding the wave to ascension, but have not put in the time and dedicaton to push forward at this time.

Now is the time to head to the gates of Divine Ascension. Mark the date LIONS GATE AUGUST 8 2019.

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