DIVINE SOUL BLUEPRINT- The blueprint of your soul mission as a twin flame or twin ray.

Have you ever wondered what your divine soul mission is?

Have you ever taken the time to find out what it is that you are supposed to be doing on this earth to help humanity?

Now is the time to see that your mission is a divine mission and one that is of God. The true mission is within your heart. You will see that anything else you do in this world will always lead you back to your divine soul mission and highest purpose in order to fully enjoy your life to the highest potential.

Now we know that you are thinking, "How in the world would you know MY SOUL BLUEPRINT?" The answer is simple. There are only 7 blueprint activators in the world. I am one of the selected twin rays to have the responsibility and duty of God's specialized task to be here on earth with my divine twin ray and twin flame along with our soul monad family to find all of the twinflames and deliver the blueprint to all of you who are seeking your mission.

We all have our own individual missions to do on earth and the truth is, this is the only way you will be able to come into union with your divine, is by mastering your divine soul blueprint. Now, not many people have the information that I do, so Im here to tell you that my work is genuine as I am the Deva of the 7th ray and an ascended master here on earth, willing to activate your blueprint, deliver it to you and also guide you to master all your inner tools of soul mastery, so you too may easily reach the Ascension Ceremony.

You must reach the Ascension Ceremony, this is why the twins are here to fully activate their divine power so they all can begin to transform the world back to divine light. You see, you must become divine first in order to assist the planet into the 5D Ascension. It all starts with you. It all starts with your dedication. I am here to assist, but like the other ascended masters, I cannot do the inner work for you. I am not a crutch, Im here to deliver your tasks and work load and this is what you must master by yourself.

The blueprint is about 4-5 pages and consists of your Nature Tasks, Mental Nature, Spiritual Nature, Physical Nature and Divine wisdom you carry within your entire soul being. Every lifetime you have the exact same blueprint. You see your blueprint never changes, don't be fooled by Astrological blueprints, those are not accurate and completely different from your immacculate Divine Soul Blueprint. We have your accurate blueprint and we are ready and happy for you to receive your own individual divine soul blueprint for you and your divine partner.

We have made it easy and simple to order this online. Simply send us your current photo and we will write your blueprint and deliver it within 1-7 days depending on the load of orders we have at the time. There simply is no time to lose, once you receive your blueprint we have 11 books that you can also purchase that will show you all the tools and methods you need to master in order to prepare for your Ascension ceremony. It is a beautiful journey once you receive and master the divine within and ascend. Your work on earth is tremendously beneficial to humanity and your twin. We are here with open arms and unconditional love to show you everything that you need to reach the Ascension Ceremony with the 22 divine Ascended Angels and Masters who will welcome you and your divine to join us as we serve and protect the entire universe.