Your divine soul blueprint makes up the exact system that you need to put in place in this lifetime. It is very simple. You do not need to know any charts of diagrams or birthdate to discover your divine soul blueprint.

The reason is very self explanatory. Your soul does not have a birthdate. There are no illusions when obtaining your divine soul blueprint. As you know astrology rules are created by man and altered, so we have brought you to the divine plans straight from God source and the systems he has created for you at your creation.

We are talking about many years ago in the beginning at the very first genetic make up spark of who you are. A plan was decided and created that you would follow. It is actually within you at every life cycle. It remains the same. It just slightly changes to adjust to your karmic cycle for this life term you are now witnessing.

Do not be alarmed, you should be excited you found us....

We are about to show you the truth that God has planned for us, the most detailed information you wish you discovered all your life.

This is your true victory.....

It is absolutely divine and a courageous move to limitlessly work on your self and become who you were created to be, your true authentic self - a divine soul being. We call them kings and queens.

Do not feel as if you are lost anymore, because today is the day you will make the decision to fully activate the true essence within.

This program will show you the divine work of God and how he originally planned our destiny for us. Yes, now you can retrieve these non-altered scribed soul blueprints straight from divine source/God. This plan is not made by man or invented, nor created by any human on earth. It is brought to you through the divine rays of God here at this time, remember there are only 7 rays here to show you and enlighten you to this plan.

We have your plan.

It is extremely beneficial to your well being brought to you by the grace of God. This is a day of transformation, once you commit to this 11 month Program, your desire of your heart will truly be changed for a lifetime.....

Create your destiny today...

The magic is inside you, never forget that. We will show you now how to activate all this by yourself.

Are you ready?

Proceed now, we know that you feel it is time you stepped up into your role, yes your divine soul purpose, isn't that why you are here? Show us your soul and we will show you your purpose on Earth. Nobody has the same purpose as you.

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