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The Illusion and how to stop programming in our lives

The illusion of life is simply something that man created to distort us from our true destiny. There are many things that have caused this. It can be power of people trying to over rule with religion, structures, government laws, regulations and clauses. These clauses are not of God. We also get science experiments that have been made to cause illusions to many people. These people follow it, because it shows inside of a book. The schools make these books a “prerequisite” for class and education. This is an example of illusion. Many classes with books and teachers are illusions. We believed it because it is organized in a school setting. We use logic without the balance of God’s intelligence and guidance.

We will now show you how to erase all programming, all illusions and all mental slavery. This is the unique way. This plan is created by God. The original plan of God and the original plan for you. The original divine soul blueprint. Isn’t it amazing that there is actually a way to do this? We think so, and it actually works really fast.

Think about it, in just 11 months, you will accomplish this. It’s not a long time but also worth all the time you will take. This is the beautiful work of God. We are bringing it to the whole world one soul at a time.

See, as you are activated in your divine soul purpose, you will then become an activator, we will show you how. It is really very realistic and very achievable and extremely work of ease. There is nothing in this world that is as simple as this process.

Are you ready to achieve what every soul in this world has to achieve in this life time?

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