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Your Divine Soul Plan

If you ever knew how to be the best version of yourself, you would find that you will absolutely know what it is that to have all the divine nature within your core essence manifest into your reality.

Some people are not aware of how to access who they truly are. Everything you want to see in yourself is there, but you have allowed the programming of the world and society to alter your inner divine child that holds all the key characteristics of your soul being. In order to bring out the best parts of your divine soul nature, you must be able to remove all the blockages that caused you to forget be manipulated to not following who you truly are. In order to resonate with these divine qualities which is your divine birthright, you will have to really seek the inner guidance within your soul which is your divine higher self. Some people are unable to access their inner divine soul. It is very important to be able to speak to your inner self and find out who she or he truly is and why he or she is here at this time and what are the fundamental aspects of his or her divine quality.

You must see that this divine inner essence is truly genuine in nature and is always aligned with the most high vibration which is God source energy. See when you omit the power of God within, you begin to master everything that is your divine soul blueprint. You start to begin to bring out the divine qualities that only you possess. Your soul has emerged into a divine time that lets you know that it is time to now fully activate who you were created to be.

During soul evolution you will find all the things that you were supposed to do in every life time, moves on to the next lifetime, this means the same soul purpose was always the same in every lifetime. You had free will to against who you truly are and the soul mission of the highest vibration of God source energy. During the lifetime that you come to realize that this soul purpose should be your primary focus, this is when it will be divine time to activate. Everyone has a different journey and you will know when you are ready, you will know when you have healed all the damaged parts of your being throughout all the lifetimes. This is when you will see that your soul is free and ready to be who he or she has always meant to be.

Yes, it is very difficult to proceed on the inner child healing, but it will be the most rewarding work you have every achieved for yourself because you are peeling off the layers of your being that has caused you to forget who you truly are. This is a dynamic world and you will see that daily you will come to see how you have healed and how much closer you are reaching who you are to be a part of the dynamic drive that creates amazing and beautiful structures in the world, and this is your divine inner light.

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