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The balance of nature within your life

If you take the way we all use nature in our lives and start to see that there is a balance of nature that holds us all together as one divine immune force. When we say immune we mean that together we create immunity to anything that tries to stop us from becoming the complete force of God and nature.

See nature holds the keys to the universe with all the ways that we love to find true satisfaction, true empathy and divine resolutions within all that we do. We come to a time where we see that every part of us is a part of nature and everything we do will bring about a new satisfying way to live once we incorporate more natural elements in our lives. Realize that the dive aspects of our character is always apart of nature and God. You see when we are natural, we are of God and when we are of the imitation created by man, we become unnatural. Now is a time you will start to see that this life is meant to be of sweet satisfaction. What other way to live this life than to learn about the sweet essence of nature within our lives and in everything we do.

The beginning of self satisfaction that derives from imitation, is the beginning of ones self denial to their authenticity in their lives. Would you rathe be self satisfied by the imitation of life or would you rather be self satisfied around the natural nature within your life? How do you see beauty in imitation? Surely we all love beauty in our self satisfaction? This is the way you will live in divine love and truth and this is the way you will see that love is beauty and beauty is of God, a natural wonder of the world.

This is how you live your life, living each day in a new natural way and removing imitation from all that you display. You will love when you hear these stories of love and beauty in natural force because everything that is imitation never really lasts. Nature is an endless supply of beauty and forever a sweet satisfaction in anyone’s life. Live each day in a natural way and you will see divine essence within you and me.

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