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A place to find peace and serenity is within your heart center

If you always want to see the perfect way to work as one divine light within, the best way is to connect to your divine heart center, this is your direct connection with your higher soul which will connect you to God. This is how we are born to actually pray everyday, it is our birthright. We pray each and everyday to bring about a new way of a brighter future. It is the same as meditating however you do not need to use any meditation from another being or voice. You are simply praying direct to your heart center which is your higher soul being who has the best solutions for you at any time.

Eventually you will start to master the connection within and this is how you will pray throughout the day, a simple prayer with definite answers to guide your way every day. How do you accomplish this? It is very simple, start practicing each and every day connecting with your high self. Simply say “ I want to connect to my higher soul” You will feel a tingling sensation in your crown and you will see that you are clearly connected in order to start meditating and praying for answers that you have concerns about. Connecting to divine source allows you to stay in touch with your inner divine and this is how you make the best decisions in your life and lead a divine lifestyle each and every day.

What are you going to do if you do not connect to God?

If you keep trying and you cannot connect, it is time to ask Jesus to come to you and you will have to ask to “hand everything over that is not of God” This is how you allow the divine essence to flow within more accurately and safely. Do not fear because this is the way to salvation and your connection to the most high divine source energy. This is Christ consciousness. This is how we were born to connect to God each and every day, we just got distracted by the programming of religions and christianity. The truth is we don’t need to have a religion to connect to God directly, which make it the birth right of all souls that exist in this life and the after life. It is a very simple procedure that we all must master. This is the way to a pure divine enlightened lifestyle. The one that is limitless and does not hurt us in anyway, meaning all our decisions we make are completely of God and divine and aligned with our path. Anastasia Deva Ray — BECOME DIVINE SERIES

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Anastasia Deva Ray

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