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The Illusion and how to stop programming in our lives

The illusion of life is simply something that man created to distort us from our true destiny. There are many things that have caused this. It can be power of people trying to over rule with religion, structures, government laws, regulations and clauses. These clauses are not of God. We also get science experiments that have been made to cause illusions to many people. These people follow it, because it shows inside of a book. The schools make these books a “prerequisite” for class and education. This is an example of illusion. Many classes with books and teachers are illusions. We believed it because it is organized in a school setting. We use logic without the balance of God’s intelligence and guidance.

We will now show you how to erase all programming, all illusions and all mental slavery. This is the unique way. This plan is created by God. The original plan of God and the original plan for you. The original divine soul blueprint. Isn’t it amazing that there is actually a way to do this? We think so, and it actually works really fast.

Think about it, in just 11 months, you will accomplish this. It’s not a long time but also worth all the time you will take. This is the beautiful work of God. We are bringing it to the whole world one soul at a time.

See, as you are activated in your divine soul purpose, you will then become an activator, we will show you how. It is really very realistic and very achievable and extremely work of ease. There is nothing in this world that is as simple as this process.

Are you ready to achieve what every soul in this world has to achieve in this life time?

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Your Divine Soul Plan

If you ever knew how to be the best version of yourself, you would find that you will absolutely know what it is that to have all the divine nature within your core essence manifest into your reality.

Some people are not aware of how to access who they truly are. Everything you want to see in yourself is there, but you have allowed the programming of the world and society to alter your inner divine child that holds all the key characteristics of your soul being. In order to bring out the best parts of your divine soul nature, you must be able to remove all the blockages that caused you to forget be manipulated to not following who you truly are. In order to resonate with these divine qualities which is your divine birthright, you will have to really seek the inner guidance within your soul which is your divine higher self. Some people are unable to access their inner divine soul. It is very important to be able to speak to your inner self and find out who she or he truly is and why he or she is here at this time and what are the fundamental aspects of his or her divine quality.

You must see that this divine inner essence is truly genuine in nature and is always aligned with the most high vibration which is God source energy. See when you omit the power of God within, you begin to master everything that is your divine soul blueprint. You start to begin to bring out the divine qualities that only you possess. Your soul has emerged into a divine time that lets you know that it is time to now fully activate who you were created to be.

During soul evolution you will find all the things that you were supposed to do in every life time, moves on to the next lifetime, this means the same soul purpose was always the same in every lifetime. You had free will to against who you truly are and the soul mission of the highest vibration of God source energy. During the lifetime that you come to realize that this soul purpose should be your primary focus, this is when it will be divine time to activate. Everyone has a different journey and you will know when you are ready, you will know when you have healed all the damaged parts of your being throughout all the lifetimes. This is when you will see that your soul is free and ready to be who he or she has always meant to be.

Yes, it is very difficult to proceed on the inner child healing, but it will be the most rewarding work you have every achieved for yourself because you are peeling off the layers of your being that has caused you to forget who you truly are. This is a dynamic world and you will see that daily you will come to see how you have healed and how much closer you are reaching who you are to be a part of the dynamic drive that creates amazing and beautiful structures in the world, and this is your divine inner light.

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The balance of nature within your life

If you take the way we all use nature in our lives and start to see that there is a balance of nature that holds us all together as one divine immune force. When we say immune we mean that together we create immunity to anything that tries to stop us from becoming the complete force of God and nature.

See nature holds the keys to the universe with all the ways that we love to find true satisfaction, true empathy and divine resolutions within all that we do. We come to a time where we see that every part of us is a part of nature and everything we do will bring about a new satisfying way to live once we incorporate more natural elements in our lives. Realize that the dive aspects of our character is always apart of nature and God. You see when we are natural, we are of God and when we are of the imitation created by man, we become unnatural. Now is a time you will start to see that this life is meant to be of sweet satisfaction. What other way to live this life than to learn about the sweet essence of nature within our lives and in everything we do.

The beginning of self satisfaction that derives from imitation, is the beginning of ones self denial to their authenticity in their lives. Would you rathe be self satisfied by the imitation of life or would you rather be self satisfied around the natural nature within your life? How do you see beauty in imitation? Surely we all love beauty in our self satisfaction? This is the way you will live in divine love and truth and this is the way you will see that love is beauty and beauty is of God, a natural wonder of the world.

This is how you live your life, living each day in a new natural way and removing imitation from all that you display. You will love when you hear these stories of love and beauty in natural force because everything that is imitation never really lasts. Nature is an endless supply of beauty and forever a sweet satisfaction in anyone’s life. Live each day in a natural way and you will see divine essence within you and me.

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The development of nature is about love and freedom

If you ever saw the development of natural parts of the world, you would see that love is free for all. If you take this love and use it for development of nature you will find a high frequency developed in nature. If you take the love you have for free and show the world what you created, you will find a love inside of you that creates more love.

The love you have is enormous it comes with free will of giving and sharing without any rewards. See when you use this love that is so genuine inside of you, you start to create a balance of energy, love and freedom that is so unique to your soul that the ones around you will start to discover this freedom of nature within their soul.

This is how you start to see that nature is given to you within your soul, you reach it with love and freedom and you give it back to everyone with love and nature of your soul. The drastic way to see how this works is to simply take a time when you showed the world something different that was unique to your heart, only you knew what this was, only you knew how to bring it about. Only you know how to make this creation work, if you don’t do it by yourself, then someone else will not do it the way you do so well.

Take some time and give back love, but make sure this love is from your heart, unique, genuine, free and natural to your heart. This is how you will see the best part of you is authenticity.

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The Best Parts of Living an Exotic lifestyle

We work each day but never always remember to take vacations. Is it important to take a vacation? It absolutely is because the exotic part of a vacation is to make the best parts of our vacation as natural as possible. Now imagine if you never took a break or never took a vacation, your work would be endless and your body and mind would never rest. You would never have enough time to work out all the things in your head that is bothering you whilst working and running the normal day to day activities without a little rest or getaway.

The best way to take a vacation is to go somewhere you heart desires. Where is that one place that makes you feel like you are wanted there? A place that calls you to it all the time, this place may be near or it may be far, wherever it is, it is exactly what your soul is calling off you now. Take a journey, take a break, take some time to get away from the day to day activity. The things that matter the most is calling you now and that is the call of the soul. Your soul calls matter and if you continue to ignore them they will get further away from your reality. The more vacations you take the more rewarding life seems to be, the more you appreciate your work space and the more you enjoy your accomplishments. An exotic day of pleasure, fun and paradise is exactly what is needed to refresh your mind, refresh your day and refresh your path to righteousness, for it brings you back to your dreams, aspirations, tranquil moments and peaceful memories.

Take some time to take a break and when you are done, you will want to never stop taking breaks when you want.

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The Journey of a lifetime starts with you

When you take a journey to another part of yourself, you will find an inner need to activate something in you. This maybe something that is bringing you to a definite start in your life to bring out more of your passions. Everything calls your soul and this is how you know what it is like to have some control over your destiny.

Take a moment to understand that life is going to take turns, but only you can show yourself how far you are willing to go. Are you willing to take the chance and do something you wanted to do, but haven’t really quite activated it? What is it that is stopping you from your inner satisfaction? You know what it is that you need to do. Stop making excuses, stop lying to yourself that you are not capable and stop holding yourself back from flying to a new place of upliftment. You are the one that uplifts you, did you know that?

Now you see that this space of growth is within your reach, so take this time and take this opportunity to master yourself and all your achievements, passions, desires and goals. You are always under your own control, so never take for granted the power you hold, it is for you yourself. Do you ever feel like you need some time to look further within and finally see what it is you truly need to be doing in this world? Does it feel like something is missing in your life? This feeling is calling out to your soul to search for more. This feeling is asking you to go deeper within and find out what truly makes you happy. But what does that mean? “Go deeper within” Of course you may or may not have heard your inner voice also known as you higher self. This is the inner calling within, it is a subtle voice that responds to all your concerns, some of us can hear it, some of us cannot. The simple way to find out is to simply ask yourself a question and listen for a response. When you find out that you are connected, you can start to now “go within” This means consulting yourself every chance you get, speak to yourself and ask yourself questions about anything in your life and you will receive the answers you need. Now make sure you are also going to take part in the over all process of being who you were born to be. Do you know who you were born to be? It is extremely important that you embrace who you truly are. Who you are is what you will be for eternity in every lifetime, you always come back to this divine soul blueprint.

Anastasia Deva Ray


Have you ever heard of a divine soul blueprint? I know this probably never crossed your mind before. I mean it took me about 38 years to find out what it is exactly. I don’t normally get into astrology, so I don’t like to really get too involved with it’s science or solutions, for instance I never check my horoscope, I never check the energies, why? Well, because it is going to be anyway whether you check it or not, it simply is and will happen.

I also never read my birth charts, why? Well think about it, it’s written according to your birth time and birthdate, but I mean who wrote that anyway? Besides what you read may sound accurate, but does it ever change? If you read it today and in 50 years it pretty much remains the same, correct? Yes, I know. It seems pointless checking on these things, I mean how does it actually help your life? You can work on all the things your birth chart says is wrong with you, and when you check your birth chart after working on all these things years later, guess what? The birth chart will say the same stuff and tell you to work on the same exact things it told you before. Sounds like bullocks and a waste of my time and energy. See, what inspires me is transformation. I wanted to change, I wanted to know who I am, I wanted to become who I truly am created to be…

So I realized that a divine soul blue print actually has absolutely nothing to do with astrology. I know right, they say don’t believe everything you read on the internet. The divine soul blueprint actually has everything to do with God, and our divine connection to God. See now that I connected to God, and can hear God speak to me and guide me, I realized that nobody, especially just a taught astrologist who studied for 30 years or decades, can even tell me what my divine soul blueprint is, except for God. It is the plan that was created when my soul was created. Ok, so I knew that I was an old soul who lived about 75k lifetimes, according to my akashic records, so I know that there is no way an astrologer can tell me my divine soul blueprint, I mean come on, I have 75k birthdates and birth times, that sounds like more than one messy astrology blueprint if you ask me. A pointless destiny. So it all made absolutely perfect sense. The real divine soul plan blueprint is actually the very first plan created for your soul and not just your life now. I know right, doesn’t it make sense now? So, during my 38472348 internet researches and seeding for information about twin flames and twin flame union and twin flame soul missions, you know the “ascension”. I had no clue what my mission was, I didn’t even know where my twin flame, “the finest man on the planet who ran away from me” was. All I knew was I need to find out where I am in my life, I need to find out where my twin flame is, and I also need to find out why my life is so weird and totally a rollercoaster and why do I need this “twin flame” guy, besides his amazing body and brain, I mean what made him the “one” I needed? I haven’t seen him in 22 years, he always was there but never “there”. Why was I so lost, why did he run from me every time I found him again, if he is the “one”? So I started believing I had to get my “shit” together, I had to heal, ok but heal what? Heal the pain that my twin gave me? I had no clue, all I knew was there was something I “had to heal” and something I had to do or “work on” to find this hot, amazing, sexy God of a man. Yes, the one who ran since I was 16. How was I to get him back? Ok so I did something even better, I gave up, I said ok lets just stop everything and blank him out completely. It took a few years, and I still found myself a complete, what my friends call “a train wreck”. I opened so many different businesses, I dated a few amazing but psychopathic men. It seemed like, instead of forgetting and finding someone greater than the “one and only twin flame” I was just getting into more of a train wreck zone, opening businesses I didn’t quite enjoy to the fullest as well as dating men who I didn’t enjoy to the fullest either. It seemed like my life took a drastic downfall. My ego told me to give up the “perfect twin flame guy” and explore and “find my mojo”. Listen, this never works. Never listen to your mom and your girlfriends, always follow your heart, you know why? Because your heart is the way of God. See, God has the true divine soul blueprint plans, yes not some astrologer who studied for decades and created all these tools and books, no. I realized I needed to get my “runaway perfect man” back. So how else to do that but to ask God right? Like why didn’t I just do this in the beginning? What was I thinking? Why didn’t my mom and girlfriends tell me to go into my heart and talk to God? Great, I did it myself, I knew I stopped going to church, I knew I stopped believing in Christianity, but why did I stop believing in God? Why did I slightly lose my faith just because I stopped reading the bible, and instead gained a life of train wrecks and psychos that I hated so much? I didn’t love my life which meant I really didn’t love myself. What did I do? I decided to ditch everyone, family, friends, dms, chats, emails, businesses, dreams, goals, and yes even the law of attraction. Somehow I always chose the law of attraction over God. Let me tell you that was my biggest problem. See, the law of attraction teaches you to ask this magical universe for “everything I want” well guess what I never got it. It’s all bullshit, ladies and gents. I realized, I found God, I found myself, but for real this time. I found God through my heart and I realized that you can ask the universe using the “law of attraction” to give you whatever, but really it doesn’t really work without the connection to God. Heres why, we ask the law of attraction for what we want, but God give us what we need. So I threw the “law of attraction” book into the trash, it wasn’t meant to help me, it was there to frustrate me. When I found out that my God connection guided me and inspired me to be who I truly am, I realized I didn’t need the law of attraction, I needed the law of God. Why didn’t anyone teach me this? My church that I worked in as a candle and alter girl for so many years did not teach me this, youth groups every week didn’t teach me this, my mom and teachers didn’t teach me this and you know what the book of the law of attraction never told me I needed to connect to God first. I felt betrayed by everyone I trusted. I was misled. Now, 38 years have passed and I found out that everything I needed to guide me was already within me, not school, not church not books, all within me, the temple of God. This is how I found out my plan, yes my divine soul plan blueprint. I began to speak to God, every second of the day or every time I spoke, it was to God, even when I would not use my voice, God would lead me. Silence is worth more than gold. I had to learn to stay silent. Being told I was “untreated Adhd” it was a challenge for me to calm my mind and “listen” to myself instead of “speaking” to myself non stop.

So one day, God asked me, “Anastasia, what is it that you want to do? Anything, pick anything you want” So I replied, “Well, Im studying transpersonal psychology, and I want to heal people, but after that I would like to just write books and nothing else, just write”.

It wasn’t very long, maybe in two days that I started “scribing” meaning writing immediately chapters in books, yes I was already a writer, not just an author but an anointed author, writing with the holy spirit within me. I didn’t even finish my degree program, and now I am writing sooner than I ever thought possible, 48 hours later to be exact. So then I asked God, “who am I and why am I chosen to write these books you speak of?” God replied, “ you have always been a scribe since the beginning of creation, and every lifetime you lived you lived the exact way, this is your divine soul blueprint” I was very surprised and so at peace at this very moment I knew who I was and why I was here. I knew this was my “soul mission” twin flames are supposed to find. It was very, very easy to adjust into my divine blueprint and purpose, it felt so natural, so me, so effortless, I would not want to be be doing anything else in the world right now but what I am doing right now, writing this article for you all. I achieved my God fire within, my true divine soul “blueprint”

It transformed my life, my spirit, my faith and I have never found such peace before. In 38 years I lost, it doesn’t matter because now I have gained everything God has created and planned for me, my divine soul plan and divine union with my amazing “twin flame”. Yes! The one that got away, who I seemed to be running from now, but why did I feel like I didn’t need him anymore? It was totally because I found the unconditional self love, but yes I love my divine soul plan, I love my divine man and I love God. I finally realized there was no divine union with my twin flame until I achieved my special union with God, first. This is the divine truth. Remember you will always come back to your divine soul plan. No matter how many detours you take, the plan is always set. Each plan is unique. My twin and I, now assist all souls in creating their own connection with God and love.

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A place to find peace and serenity is within your heart center

If you always want to see the perfect way to work as one divine light within, the best way is to connect to your divine heart center, this is your direct connection with your higher soul which will connect you to God. This is how we are born to actually pray everyday, it is our birthright. We pray each and everyday to bring about a new way of a brighter future. It is the same as meditating however you do not need to use any meditation from another being or voice. You are simply praying direct to your heart center which is your higher soul being who has the best solutions for you at any time.

Eventually you will start to master the connection within and this is how you will pray throughout the day, a simple prayer with definite answers to guide your way every day. How do you accomplish this? It is very simple, start practicing each and every day connecting with your high self. Simply say “ I want to connect to my higher soul” You will feel a tingling sensation in your crown and you will see that you are clearly connected in order to start meditating and praying for answers that you have concerns about. Connecting to divine source allows you to stay in touch with your inner divine and this is how you make the best decisions in your life and lead a divine lifestyle each and every day.

What are you going to do if you do not connect to God?

If you keep trying and you cannot connect, it is time to ask Jesus to come to you and you will have to ask to “hand everything over that is not of God” This is how you allow the divine essence to flow within more accurately and safely. Do not fear because this is the way to salvation and your connection to the most high divine source energy. This is Christ consciousness. This is how we were born to connect to God each and every day, we just got distracted by the programming of religions and christianity. The truth is we don’t need to have a religion to connect to God directly, which make it the birth right of all souls that exist in this life and the after life. It is a very simple procedure that we all must master. This is the way to a pure divine enlightened lifestyle. The one that is limitless and does not hurt us in anyway, meaning all our decisions we make are completely of God and divine and aligned with our path. Anastasia Deva Ray — BECOME DIVINE SERIES

Receive the codes and all the tools from all the ascended masters to master your ascension journey. Ascend now with direct guidance of the ascended masters.

Anastasia Deva Ray