Learn the secret codes and methods of the Ascended Divine Masters and Archangels.




Discover the divine journey within with the assistance of the divine Ascended Masters and holy Archangels. Connect with God from within and find your path to the ascension journey of becoming an Ascended Master.

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I Am Anastasia Deva Ray, born in South Africa and lived in many countries across the world, I have lived for many lifetimes in many systems in the galaxy of these amazing but complex worlds of understanding. I have managed to heal myself through the frequency of binaural sound and the help of the Ascended Divine Masters and Archangels. After healing everything and merging with my divine twin flame and twin ray in perfect union, I discovered that I was actually an anointed writer since the beginning of time.

This is my Divine Soul Blueprint. I am now fully activated and reached the amazing ceremony of Ascension and discovered that I AM a divine angel of death also known as the Deva of the 7th Ray. I serve the planet and the cosmic realms with my divine twin ray, Elohim. I also create beautiful projects with my soul monad family and my twin flame. We are all ascending together, one soul at a time. Nothing can stop what we have built for we are designed with the tools to assist the entire 5D EARTH PLANET ASCENSION - we work as one divine team of Devas, Elohim, Archangels and Arcturian creators and protectors of the earth. We are here to teach and deliver the tools, codes and methods to seamlessly reach the Ascension Ceremony. Contact us to join us on this magical spiritual journey of the soul here on Mother Earth Gaia.

We have designed an audio series podcast that you can listen to on any device and platform. The series will show exactly what you need to know about the journey to prepare for the Ascension Ceremony. The same tools all the Ascended Masters and Archangels received at their ascension are the same tools you will receive in this podcast. Each file can be downloaded as you proceed on your journey at your own pace. The journey cannot be rushed for everything is done within you and it is up to you to master yourself in divine time at your own peace and pace.

This journey is amazing and easy, once you have these tools in your hand. We have made it easy to listen and absorb and in almost every format that suits you. We have plans for this podcast, books, dvds audio files to reach the entire planet in the next 4-5 years ahead. Nothing can stop the plan of God and the Ascended Divine Team as we all work as one divine team of God. We are the ones with all the might, we are the ones that will win this fight. We aim to transform the entire planet one soul at a time and we are here to assist anyone who is ready to embark on the most advanced soul mastery program that has ever been created. Join us when you are ready and take your time and enjoy the process of this beautiful journey to Ascension.

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  1. The Awakening Process
  2. Living the life of a twin
  3. The love you waited for
  4. Finding all the ways to love
  5. The reality of divine love
  6. The Divine Masterplan
  7. The love is here, the love is now
  8. The long road ahead in this journey
  9. The History of Love
  10. Joining forces with your soul family
  11. The right way to be together
  12. The Guidance Process
  13. Welcome to your destination
  14. This is the first day of your new life
  15. Are you ready for the plan
  16. Discovering your new health
  17. Solving each others problems
  18. The start of a pure transformation
  19. Living for this mission
  20. Describing the Universe
  21. How to save my love
  22. Equal love is the way to find true equation
  23. The dark night of the soul
  24. The levels of your love
  25. This is how we tell our story
  26. The love of the divine law of God
  27. The levels between each dimension
  28. Creating the divine source energy
  29. The situation of giving and receiving
  30. The art of persuasion
  31. The limits of your salvation
  32. We are the divine future of the world
  33. Time to believe your heart is the cure to all
  34. Living in an illusion whilst entering your mission
  35. My love is a river, which way does it flow?

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